Mechanical Bottom Scraper

It works in the silo. It discharges the granules (corn, wheat, barley, sunflower), which cannot be discharged in a natural flow in the silos bottom, diametrically. They are able to be produced in a different kinds and sizes according to the silo largeness. Their discharge capacity is about 20/100 t/h in hour. They can be produced with galvanized and painted style.

نام تجاری
بسته بندی و حمل و نقل
بسته بندی نوع
اندازه ظرف
تعداد محصولات
حداقل تعداد سفارش
زمان تحویل (روز)
عرضه شده با توانایی
ظرفیت تولید
قیمت واحد
نمونه قیمت
نوع پرداخت
بازگشت به بالا