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Çamsan Ordu ASTARLAM

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New products "Çamsan Ordu ASTARLAM", save money & time in lacquer and paint coating processes by reducing: material overhead, production time, labor cost in addition get excellent results with: improved dye affinity and better surface quality "Çamsan Ordu ASTARLAM" offers: more efficient use and wide application of all types of dyes, paints and lacquers.

Save on the amount of primer used for DYE or LACQUER applications (compared to that used on RAW MDF for the same applications):

- Save 13%* on primer with double-side under coated MDF.
- Save 21%* on primer with one side under coated and the other side white melamine faced MDF.
- Save on drying time with thiner and single coating.
- Save up to 40% on deliverytime, dependingon your application.
- Avoid repeated sanding operations.
- Samples available upon request.