4 Motorlu Kolon Model İcu Hastane Yatağı

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Backrest, legrest and knee movements, height adjustment, vascular, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg positions are controlled by 2 DC and 2 column motors
Positions are controlled by control panels located on outer and inner sides of the side rails and by attendant control unit on foot end of the bed
Electric CPR and function locking features on attendant control unit and outer side rail controls
One-button controls for each semi-fowler, shock, cardiac, examination and bed exit positions
24V battery backup
Autoregression backtrest (11 cm)
Removable Polypropylene (PP) plastic head and foot ends with colour panels
Split PP plastic side rails with soft drop realise mechanism and angle indicator
4 independent and detachable ABS lying sections
Antibacterial electrostatic powder coated steel frame
ABS plastic covered chasis
Ø125 mm, 360° swivel wheels with central brake system and directional lock
Accesory adaptors on the corners, 1 height adjustable IV Pole
Urine bag holders and belt hooks on both sides
Protective plastic bumpers on corners
Alternative color options for side rails
32 Density foam mattress with antibacterial, waterproof and zippered cover

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