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6x6 Tactical Robot Platform

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The 6X6 low cost individual propulsion robot platform has ben developed to fulfill the tactical attack robot needs of counter terrorism units. It is an expendable platform capable of carrying explosive payloads of up to 5kgs. It is a tactical mobile robotic platform with an ergonomic remote control unit, unique design adaptive software. Designed to perform in rough terrain adverse weather conditions.

The 6x6 robotic platform provides superior advantage in tactical operations in various environments by allowing the use of switchable cameras IR led illumination options

Designed as an open platform to accomodate various payloads depending on mission requirements.


6X6 Individual Motor Propulsion
5 Kg Explosive Payload
1.5 M/sec Speed
7075 Aluminum Chassis
15 Hour Standby
1 Km Contro Distance
Infrared Camera
Original Software
HD Camera