Adana Urban 2019 - 11th Municipality Necesseties, Urban Furnishings, Landsacaping And Sport Facilities Fair

13 - 17 Feb 2019 تاریخ
Adana شهر
- سال آغاز شد
11 نسخه
سالانه فرکانس سایت اینترنتی

Municipality Necesseties, Urban Furnishings, Landscaping, Ebcironmental Technologies

نماینده نماینده

Building Metarials
Vitrified Products
Building Chemicals
Prefabricated – Concrete Building Equipments, Ready Mixed Concrete
Landscaping, Urban Furnitures
Dye, Varnish
Building Automation
Elevator And Equipments
Lighting Units
Security Systems
Roofing And Siding
Decoration Units
Marble And Natural Stones
Pvc Coating, Aluminum And Wooden Window Section
Glass Technology, Glass Processing Machinery And Accessories
Profile Processing Machinery
Windows and Door Accessories
Sub-Industry and Complementary Products
Pvc, Wooden and Iron Doors
Industrial Doors and Garage Doors
Energy Sytems
Heating Systems and Equipments
Cooling Systems and Equipments
Air Conditionings

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Project Contracting Companies
Construction Engineers
Interior Architects
Building Material Wholesalers

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