Agregate Bunkers (Umab) - Mechanical Stabilization Plant, Bunker, Band Conveyor

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UMAB series Mechanical Stabilization Plant consists of four eyed bunker, four pcs below bunker conveyor and one pc main collection band conveyor. Material poured in the bunkers on the top group are also poured on the main band conveyor in required amounts and various times to transfer to mixture places.
UĞURMAK® UMAB series Mechanical Stabilization Plant is a robust machine. They are easy to maintain. Regular and complete maintenance ensures long life and prevents yield loss
UMAB type aggregate bunkers are produced in 2 types with 250-300 ton/h and 450-500 ton/h capacities according to requests of asphalt sites. 4 group aggregate bunkers are completed with feeder bands and material flow is mechanically adjusted.

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