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Airport Luggage Scale

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Electronic Luggage Weighing Instruments consists of two units as 'DISPLAY' and 'PLATFORM'.
Two units of display screen makes the weighing process can be watched at the same by the passenger and operator.
There have control keypad at the display of the operator as reset, tare, sum, delete.
Weighing platform max. load capacity is 200kg. Sensitivity is 100gr.
Platform can be produced in various sizes and specifications .
Platform is protected against dust, water and overloading.

Technical Details
Product sensitivity is accepted by the Legal Metrology Institutes.
6 -digit 14mm. In height and weight indicators are LEDs
240 VAC - 50 Hz. is ± 15% are resistant to voltage changes .
Operating Temperature -10 °C to +60 °C
Optional external display (up 100m.) can be connected.
Digital displays can be mounted to a wall or desk.
Digital filtering can be performed. Informs when an error occurs.
It has protection from dust and moisture .
Can be connected to the computer with RS 232C serial output.
It has “zero” and “stable” sings on the display.
Weighing platform can be made from stainless steel, painted or conveyor belt.