Akort Tan. Org. ve Fuarcılık Ltd. Şti.


Akort Tan. Org. ve Fuarcılık Ltd. Şti.


Established in 1996, AKORT Tanıtım Organizasyon ve Fuarcılık Ltd. Şti. had successfully completed the projects which were started in different sectors within the direction of the economic and sectoral requirements of the region. Thanks to its customer focused approach, it is in a constant growth trend by complying with the changing conjunctures..

AKORT Fuarcılık, which is specialized in SME fair organizations, contributes to the economy of the region and the country as a result of its cooperation and harmonious works conducted with the relevant public institutes, corporations, chambers and associations related to the sector in all the fairs organized. In addition to the national fairs, AKORT Fuarcılık, offers service in a very wide area from market researches to consultancy services before and after the fair, from congress organizations to the business meetings and trips, from opening and promotional activities to the original stand projects and constructions.


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