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Akpa Aluminum Co. Ltd.

Akpa Aluminum Co. Ltd.

İstanbul Turkey
Establish Date
Number Of Personnel
 > 250
Research & Development Team
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Akpa Alüminyum was established in 1987 in Istanbul – Turkey. Since its foundation, Akpa has known the importance of continual improvement and has been improving itself by exporting to Europe, Balkans, Middle Asia and Africa as well as being present throughout Turkey. Akpa has been increasing its brand awareness and image by constantly widening its export network and managed to become one of the leading companies in aluminium industry.

Akpa Alüminyum successfully implemented collective quality philosophy into its very core and acquired these following certificates to ensure that everything is within the international standards; CE,EC,TS EN 755-1,TS EN 755-3, TS EN 755-4, TS EN 755-5, TS EN 755-8, TS EN 755-9, TSE 5247, TS EN 12020-1, TSEK- 4922, ISO 9001, Qualıcoat, Qualanod and Rosenheim.

All activities within the scope of sales and customer relations take place in our head office in Istanbul where we serve our customers with utmost care. In Çağlayan, we do the retailing of aluminium extruded profiles, aluminium and plastic supplementary products and related hardware and machinery required for processing them. In order to fulfill all the needs of our customers in one place, we also deal and distribute the products of globally and locally known brands.

Our main activities are; manufacturing aluminium extruded profiles, aluminium billets, aluminium composite panels and retailing their supplementary products. With its 700 employees, contributing to the growth of Turkey’s economy has always been one of the highest priorities of Akpa Alüminyum. As one big family with its expert and qualified employees, Akpa Alüminyum has been keeping up with the latest technological developments and increasing its customers’ as well as its own expectations of quality and performance by constantly innovating into research and development without compromising about quality of its product and trust of its customers. All this has helped Akpa become one of the leading companies of the aluminium industry.

- 80,000 m2 production facility
- Production Capacity: 30,000 tons / year with five press lines
- Anodic Oxidation Line Capacity: 18,000 tons / year
- Vertical Powder Coating Line Capacity: 15,000 tons / year
- Mould Production Capacity: 2,000 pcs / year
- Wooden Painting Capacity: 1,500 tons / year
- Aluminium Composite Panel Production: 4,500,000 m2 / year.