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Astor Transformer

Astor Transformer

Ankara Turkey
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ASTOR Transformer offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services in the area of Power and Distribution Transformers with the product range from 50 kVA up to 1000 MVA, 800 kV and cast resin dry type transformer from 50 kVA up to 25 MVA 36 kV, shunt reactors up to 250 MVAr 525 kV, EAF transformers up to 350 MVA and special transformers, with 55,000 MVA annual capacity and more than 30 years of experience.

ASTOR is among the top 5 transformer manufacturer in the world with the capacity of 2400 units distribution transformers per month. We are ready to meet and exceed the customers various requirements with superior manufacturing skills and quality, extensive R & D, enthusiastic and dedicated workforce.

ASTOR boasts with its state-of-the-art facility, excellent products and services with unsurpassed quality, proved with the quality management certifications such as;

 ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate
 ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate
 ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate
 ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

Astor, in addition to many distribution transformers, has also 4 types of large power transformers which were successfully short circuit type tested :

 250 MVA, 400 kV Autotransformer
 125 MVA, 400 kV Network Transformer
 100 MVA, 154 kV Network Transformer
 62,5 MVA, 154 kV Network Transformer
 40 MVA 66 kV Network Transformer
 31,25 MVA 154 kV Network Transformer

We are ready to cooperate with your esteemed company and serve you better in the upcoming businesses.