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Automatic Panel Hemming Machine

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One of the most time consuming part of mattress production is flanging the quilted panel.
With the higher demand on thicker mattress panels, overlocking of the panels became inevitable, because it becomes impossible to sew the thick panel by the tape edging. However, the conventional flanging process brings a lot of labor and inaccurate end sizes of the panel.

Full automatic process
Two Working Modes: Synchronized with your existing quilting machine
Feeding the roll of quilt
Side and Length Cutting and Sewing
4 needle double chain-stitch heavy duty sewing unit (right and left sewing head)
4 needle double chain-stitch heavy duty sewing unit (cross sewing head)
Adjustable width and length of the quilt
Adjustable distance between left and right head with motor
Wide range of quilt thicknesses
Material exit with conveyor
Automatic thread cutting
Accurate finishe measures of the quilts
Automatic side-waste removal system to the reserve
High safety systems
Servo driven system
User-friendly software
Easy tape edging of the quilt after closing
Online maintenance and training service

Max. Sewing Speed 3.000 rpm
Max. Material Thickness 7.5 cm
Stitch Length 2 mm – 8 mm
Stitch Type Lock-Stitch
Number Of Sewing Heads 3
Capacity Up to 3 panels/min
Max. Quilt Width 250 cm
Min. Quilt Width 140 cm
Min. Quilt Length 75 cm
Automatic Top and Bottom Thread Cutting Available
Automatic Side Waste Removal System Available
Weight 4000 kg
Power Requirement 5 kW
Voltage Type 380 VAC (III+N+TT)
Compressed Air 6-8 bar
Shipping Dimension 2.3 m x 11.8 m
CE Certificate Available