Band Conveyor

In our present one of the most effective factors for the business economics in the industry is the transmission of the products. Band conveyor is the most useful system for the constant transmission of the products in the other fields of application with some features such as the quality of conveying capacity, the ability to convey product faraway, the curvature shape of the transport way, simple design, light building, reliable business make the band conveyor become the transport machine that is used mostly. The materials transported can be wet or dry, pieces just like in coal, and grains like in pulverize cereal.

In fact, the conveyor bands are the bands stretched between two rims and supported by rulos without end. The surface of the band is used to carry and the materials can be loaded at any point of it. As mentioned before, the band conveyors provide the most economic solution to transport the materials if the distances are long and the capacities are high.

Every kind of materials such as wet or dry materials can be transported by this type of conveyors. In our present the band conveyors have a successful field in transporting mass materials such as mine ore, coal, sand and cereal. The materials are transported by the band manhandled by two drums.

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