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Bituminous Membrane Primer

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It is a ready to use primer for bituminous membranes obtained by mixing water and bitumen by using special methods.

Using Area
It is only used as a priming coat before the application of all brands of bitumen membranes. Thanks to the superior sticking property, it provides a stronger and spaceless surface sticking for the bitumen membranes applied on it.
It can be used on all horizontal and vertical surfaces and in closed areas like basement, cellar, etc.
Surface Preparation
The application surface should be without dust, rust, dirt, grease and oil and the loose parts should be scrapped out.
The sharp points or horizontal-vertical joint places subject to cracking should be rounded.
The large pores and the cracks should be filled with an appropriate repair mortar.
It is ready to use.
It is applied by bitumen brush, roller or gun.
It dries within about 4-5 hours depending on the weather conditions.
It should not be applied in rainy days or within the temperatures lower than +5 °C.

It should be prevented from freezing while in package.
Keep off from the reach of the children.(s 2)
The eyes and the skin should be protected while working with all kinds of chemicals, (s 24/25)

Net : 16 kg Metallic Case

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