Bursa Agriculture 2019 - 17th International Agriculture, Seed Raising, Sapling And Dairy Industry Fair

08 - 12 Oct 2019 تاریخ
Bursa شهر
- سال آغاز شد
17 نسخه
سالانه فرکانس
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Agriculture, Seed Raising, Sapling And Dairy Industry

نماینده نماینده

Agricultural Mechanization and Technologies
Greenhouse Technologies
Water and Irrigation Systems
Droppings, Agricultural Medicines
Seed, Seedling, Sapling and Horticulture
Ecological Agriculture
Agro Informatics
Milk and Dairy Product
The Other

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پروفایل بازدید کننده

Farmers, Livestock Farmers,
Greenhouse Owners, Agribusiness Owners
Potential Buyers of Agriculture to Improve Project, Stockbrokers
Agricultural Machinery Exporting Companies
Spare Parts Manufacturers
Livestock Equipment Distributors
Regional Distributors of the Importing Company
Agriculture Establishments, Agriculture-Related Trade Associations,
Non-Governmental Organizations
Public Institutions of the Agricultural Sector Professionals
Foreign Investors

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