Bursa Black Fig

Figs are one of the only fruit which does not require or need any chemical spray application. It is grown under natural environment conditions. During the course of growing Bursa Black Figs, no chemical sprays are used at any time. Fruits are picked by hand with certain technique and there is no additional post-harvest treatment. To keep figs fresh refrigeration is used. Simply wash the fig an eat it.

“Bursa Black Fig” variety is grown in Bursa Region, which is 2 hours driving distance, south of Istanbul - TURKEY. There are trees more then 100 years old in the Region.

Figs are one of the oldest cultivated crops, predating even the growing of Wheat, and were enjoyed by the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. They are a semi-tropical tree that is easy to grow in areas with long hot summer.

Mature fig trees, over 10 years old are 5-6 meters high, 10 meters in diameter, with yield of 100 kilogram fruit per tree.

In the bible, there are 67 references to a fig tree. Since 5.000 years ago, figs were popular and has been used medically since the ancient times. It is believed Adam and Eve may have found that the leaves of the fig spared their blushes. Not to contradict the history as a Bursa Fresh Black Fig exporter, grower, picker; I have to reweal the information that when you touch the fig tree leaves your hands get itchy, scratchy, very sensitive !

Figs are native to Middle East and Western Asia, can be grown all around the World. Ficus Carica is dispersed by birds and mammals that scatter their seeds by droppings.

The Term Fig has its origins in Latin World “Ficus”, as well as older Hebrew name “FEG. Whereas the name of the “CAPRIFIG” (Ficus Capricus Rissa) is derived from the Latin “CAPRA”.

From the Latin “FICUS”. Came Italian “FICO”,the Portuguese “FIGO”, the Spanish “HIGO”, the French “FIGUE” and German “FEIGEN”.

Bursa Black Figs exceptional, incomparable World Quality champion, due to its appearance, shape, large size, attractive deep blue, purple color, nice red, pink appetizing inside color, juicy and high brix level , when mature and “spongy state”.

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