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Cbr-t-19 Tugboat Type Luxurious Motor Yacht

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Ongoing project in Cobra Yacht's Boatyard. With a steel hull and light interior CBRT – T – 19 is a motor yacht which is classic and contemporary at the same time.

Cobra Yacht's primary goal is for the rich and high-grade equipped CBRT – T – 19 to have a highly luxurious and comfortable touch. Her two engines and propeller allow CBRT – T – 19 to manoeuvre quickly in crowded marinas and offer a smooth cruise. This feature will also offer her guests a live and exciting journey on the seas.

CBRT – T – 19's three comfortable cabins each have double beds and allow the accommodation of 6 people on the yacht. CBRT – T – 19 also has a two-person cabin for the crew; all cabins and the saloon are furnished with an air conditioner and LCD TV.

With the vision of superior quality and professionalism, Cobra Yacht's ongoing CBRT – T – 19 construction aims for blue cruise lovers to embark on journeys in luxury and comfort on the endless seas.