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Chemical Peeling - Laser Treatments

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A chemical peel is performed to reduce fine lines, remove facial blemishes, reverse uneven skin pigmentation of the face and improve skin texture from sun damage. There are several types of chemical peel solutions and formulas offered at Esteworld.

Chemical Peeling

Who best qualifies for Chemical Peel Treatment

Patients looking to alleviate acne, smooth wrinkles, improve skin texture or to reduce effects of sun damage qualify for Chemical Peeling in Turkey.

Good candidates are individuals who have the following symptoms:

Sun-damaged skin
Uneven pigmentation
Actinic keratosis
What to expect during your Chemical Peel

There are three main types of chemical peels and each procedure produces different results. Depending on your skin color, your skin texture and your appearance goals, our cosmetic surgeons can perform light peel, medium peel or deep chemical peel. The doctor can modify any of the treatments to meet the specific needs of your skin type.

Chemical peels are applied directly to the skin typically in liquid, cream or gel form. Once applied, they begin to break up the top layers of the skin. In the following hours or days, you will start to notice some redness as peeling of the dead skin occurs and comes off.

After Chemical Peel Treatment

Although the results of chemical peels are favorably positive, certain types of skin react differently and may develop permanent pigmentation changes.

Some patients may develop:

Facial scarring
Chemical peel burns