Alanar ownes cherry orchard sand manages production in 3 different regions in Turkey , with different climatic conditions , whıch opens opportunity door to harvest and export fruit for more than 70 days , same variety , consistent quality. Extending harvest and export season has been our point of difference.

Alanar Grows and exports the highest quality cherries, 0900 Ziraat , Regına , Kordia . Cherry is a speciality export fruit for our company. During mid 1990 , Yavuz Taner had the privilege to upgrade the export quality of 0900 Ziraat variety cherry by improving growing techniques and investing into very sophisticated mobile Hydro-cooler and sorting , sizing machinery and by usıng Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Includıng all different European countries for 20 years none of the European cherry sources, could match and compete with Turkish Cherry quality.It will not be an exaggeration to say that Turkey at present has the most sophisticated modern cherry sorting, packaging lines in Europe and applies the most modern post harvest technology to produce export quality cherries.

Alanar is one of the first cherry grower exporter company who discovered the merits of growing and packing Regına and Kordıa in Turkey. With special growing techniques , expertise, especially pruning , cycle and post harvest practices Alanar has managed to produce harder, more crunchy, juicy larger size cherries with longer , stronger storage and shelflife with more fresh and shiny, attractive appearance.

The cherry production know-how shared with U.S.A, Chili, Argentina, Spain, France, Italy, Austrslia, Germany, England and somany growers all over the word had so much contribution to develop worldwide high quality Alanar Cherries. We are able to grow GOOD QUALITY cherries with 35 year experience, our objective is to produce better.

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