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The DK-30 is a high-tech product providing control and protection of diesel engine driven, screw or piston type air compressors. The controller incorporates all functions needed in a compressor control panel. Thus no additional modules are necessary resulting in lower panel cost.

The controller features full engine protection and instrumentation through analog and digital inputs and outputs. It acts also as an overspeed protection relay protecting the engine from overspeeding. In order to prevent battery drain, in STOP mode, the controller turns completely off, consuming zero current. The engine rpm is read through the magnetic pickup sender installed on the engine flywheel.

The “early start” function analyzes the air consumption trend and runs the compressor so that the pressure never falls below the low limit

● Automatic operation via output pressure

● Load solenoid control

● Analog speed control output

● Multiple compressor support

● Comprehensive engine instrumentation

● Detailed engine protection

● Engine overspeed protection

● Zero power consumption at rest

● Flexible engine hours calculation algorithm

● Early start function preventing pressure drop

● History records

● 5 independent service counters

● Magnetic pickup input

● 6 programmable digital outputs

● 6 programmable digital inputs

● 3 programmable engine analog sender inputs

● 2 air pressure sensor inputs

● 2 air temperature sensor inputs

● Adjustable sensor characteristics

● Logic level serial port

● MODBUS-RTU communications

● Password protected front panel programming

● Low panel depth, easy installation

● Wide operating temperature range

● Sealed front panel (IP65 with gasket)

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