Disi Promotional Products Company Ltd.


Disi Promotional Products Company Ltd.

Manufacturer, İstanbul / Turkey

We hit the road by starting the production of caps in 1986. In the beginning, we were a contract manufacturer.

In 2000, we expanded our machinery availability. We established our embroidery department. We strengthened our substructure. After this initiative, our daily production capacity of caps reached 2.000 pieces.

In 2009, we renovated our fabric cutting room and established our marketing and sales department. We started manufacturing our own products and market directly to the companies with our own brand.

In December 2011 we moved our factory to 1000 sqm new place. We now have well experienced 31 personnel, professional on their field.

Today, we manufacture high quality caps, overalls, aprons and many other promotional textiles in highest standards in our factory. Additionally, we started producing personal protective equipment: bump caps (hard hat) under our brand name -Shelter- on September 2011 and received the EC type examination certificate the same month.

We have strong partners and sub contractors in every branch of textile, as we have long term and reliable business running in this market. We get stronger by taking the necessary steps, we increase our capacity and we grow day by day.

We are proud to be one of the leading manufacturers in work ware and promotional products in Turkiye.


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