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This product is can be used after the dish or when the signal is weakened. With its high gain amplifiers and special design circuitry can provide 30 dB gain. Because of weakening caused by cable loss at high frequencies, there is a 15 dB equalizer circuit. With this circuit, the tilt can be adjusted and the gain value on all frequencies will be equal since the SAT curve will have a straight curve without tilt after meters.
• Design for professional projects
• High output gain
• Two powerful amplifier output
• 30 dB adjustable gain
• 15 dB adjustable equalizer
• Voltage led indicators
• LNB power on/off switch
• LNB short circuit protection capability
• Internal power supply
• Passive terrestrial output
• High isolation between IF ports
• Switched-mode power supply
• Easy and compact for use
• Low power is needed because of new tech components

Technical Specifications
• Input 17 F Connector
• Output 34 F Connector
• Frequency Range SAT. 950-2150 MHz
• Frequency Range TERR 47-870 MHz
• SAT Gain +30dB
• TERR Gain -4dB
• Attenuator adjustment 0...20Db
• Equalizer (Tilt) 0…10dB
• Max. Input SAT 80dB ±10
• Max. Input TERR 100dB ±10
• Isolation >30dB
• Current 4200mA
• Power Supply 220V 50HZ
• Ambient Temperature -25...+50ºC

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