Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our olive oil is produced 100% in Turkey , according to Turkish Food Codex. It is not produced in one country and bottled in another. You will know what you consume.
Not only natural production but also hygienic production is extremely important. You can see our production facility pictures and know in what Condition our production occurs.
We don't hurt trees while harvesting, we shake the trees and press them in 24 hours. Our olives contained and carried in wooden boxes so olives never get fermented.
Our olive oil is contained in stainless still tanks.
Our olive oil is made from Memecik style olives trees which are naturally grow on Aegean Hills . Memecik is a beautiful olive tree which is specific to Aegean costs and endures to drought, has a high quality of oil.
Our olive oil carries gracious almond smell that would leave a sophisticated taste in your mouth which is hard to forget.
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