Gold Vertical Wheel Series Folding Balcony Glazing System

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GOLD Vertical Wheel series Balcony Glazing System is newly launched product of KANAAT ALUMINUM which always generates distinctive & innovative products within international quality standards. As becoming excellent combination of Gold & Best series Folding Glazing Systems, we believe our new extraordinary product would be extremely desirable amongst potential end users.

System Technical Specifications:
There is flexibility to assembly the System either being over haulage or under haulage.
The technical structure of our Gold Vertical Wheel series Balcony Glazing System is compatible to use either 8mm or 10mm tempered glass within high safety principles.
Vanes/Glass could be accumulated to right and left or to both sides at the same time.
The thickness of Aluminum Profiles (Guide Rails,Guide Vanes & Side Pillars) are 3mm that are elegant, decoractive & stylish design.
It presents excellent combination in between aesthetics & comfort where mounted.
Our 8mm & 10mm patented Aluminum finish Weatherpiles bring innovative & definite solution to "yellowing" problem commonly occured into all standard roving. Aside, these Aluminum Weatherpiles have accomplished maximum impermeability against strong wind, heavy raining as well as destructive effects of sunshine by means of its durable & resistant structure/design. These patented weatherpiles are under our life time guarantee.
This System is compatible with all kinds of different balcony structure & also operates perfectly by means of the practical usage of vertical wheel into the system; thus it gains distinctive positioning technically amongst almost all its domestic & foreign counterparts.
In comparison to the efficiency of horizontal wheel Systems existed into market, Gold Vertical Wheel series is more aesthetic, functional as well as long lasting Balcony Glazing System.
Maximum Vane (Glass) Height: 2800mm
Maximum Vane (Glass) Width: 700mm
Maximum Vane (Glass) Weight: 45kg
Aluminum Guide Rail Weight & Length: 11,00kg ; 6,50meters
Aluminum Guide Vane Weight & Length: 7,00kg ; 6,50meters
Aluminum Side Pillar Weight & Length: 3,00kg ; 6,00meters

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