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HKF Trade Fairs


HKF Trade Fairs was founded in 2002 with the objective of organizing prime quality international trade fairs in Turkey. Since 2004 our company is a full member of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. Furthermore, Bekir Çakici, the General Manager of HKF Trade Fairs, is the first member from Turkey to be nominated as a member of the Board of Directors of UFI and in 2014 he is selected for Vice Chairman of the Chapter Europe of UFI.

Our trade shows that have been organized since 2003 which are namely; The International Trade Fair for Livestock & Cattle Breeding ANIMALIA ISTANBUL, The International Trade Fair for Food Processing Technologies FOTEG ISTANBUL and The International Trade Fair for Bus Industry and Accessories BUSWORLD TURKEY organized biannually since 2007 with the co-operation of Belgium based BUSWORLD INTERNATIONAL and The International Trade Fair for Poultry & Technologies VIV TURKEY which is organized biannually and the biggest poultry show in Istanbul, Turkey under the license of The Netherlands based VNU Exhibitions Europe as part of VIV Worldwide all have the distinction of having earned the UFI Approved Event Certificate and are therefore included in the International World Fairs Calendar of UFI.

On 12-15 November 2008, for the first time in the Turkish Exhibition History, the 75th UFI Congress was organized in Istanbul, Turkey, and our company HKF Trade Fairs had the honor of being the Congress Host Company.

In 1972 the UFI Certified fairs formed The European Federation Agricultural Exhibition and Show Organizers EURASCO, which now has 27 members from 19 different countries. In June 2010 our company had the honor to become the first and only EURASCO member accepted from Turkey. Therefore, our animal breeding and food shows, which are ANIMALIA ISTANBUL, FOTEG ISTANBUL and VIV TURKEY owned the title of EURASCO Member Event.

HKF Trade Fairs proceeds on its way with the two new shows added in its event calendar. In 2015 our company is going to organize TAXIWORLD TURKEY, the very first taxi show of Turkey. TAXIWORLD TURKEY will open in 2015 under the title of Road, Sea and Air Taxi Producers and Sub-industry. As HKF Trade Fairs we are excited and proud of gathering the taxi industry, which is now seen as an inseparable part of urban transportation, under the same roof for the first time in Turkey. Another show added to our event calendar for 2015 is TURKEY MUSIC & DANCE FAIR. Istanbul will become the center of music and dance with this new show under the title of Music, Dance and Stage Equipment, Event Organization and Communication Technologies Fair.

In all the trade shows we organize we are truly ted to meet all the aspirations of both domestic and overseas participants by bringing them together with visitors of the highest caliber, by presenting the sector or industrys most recent developments and technologies and by organizing related forums and seminars. With an experienced team of employees we are


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