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Insulated Steel Buildings

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Monoblocks are in 10meter width;(multiply blocks are in 20,30,40,50meter width ….) the altitude is 4-5-6 meter
;can be
producted in intended dimension and 2,5 meter wheelbase..
The Carrier system consist of columns made up of industrial profiles,column and framework corner and stability
components,gable roof,galvanized roof trusts in shape of framework ,framework purlines made pu of galvanized profile and
wall cinctures.
Wall cinctures profiles are from galvanized sheet C 50*50*1.5 / C 60*50*1,20 mm
“0,50 mm natural galvanic corrugated steel sheet
/ 0,50 mm RAL9002 coloured galvanic cırrugated steel sheet “
Undercover screwed sandwich panels in tickness of 50 /60 /80 mm (Hekim Panel brand) Coloured sheet (0,30-0,50mm) + EPS/Rockwool + Coloured Sheet (0,30-0,50mm)
Roof trusses are manufactured by combination of interior and exterior profiles of special-cut truss with galvanized nuts and
bolts in 8,8 quality class.
These special cross-sectioned profiles are made up of 0.8 and 2 mm iron sheets after a static calculation.