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Led Bar, Led Smps Card, Servo Motor Smps Card, Power Analyzer Card - Smd Led (Surface Mount Device)

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We produce LED bar, LED smps card, servo motor smps card, power analyzer card in our production line. Production is on average in the range of 5000-7500 comp./hr. Every part produced is tested and delivered to the assembly.

The Smd Line consists of the following machines:

Suneast SEM668-G2 automatic soldering machine
Yamaha Pulse MS4 automatic surface mount machine (14000comp./hour)
Suneast NC350 inter-control bands (3 units)
Suneast Genesis608 Lead Free Reflow system
Suneast LD460 automatic loader
Suneast UL460 automatic harvester
Suneast Peak350 wawe + chip solder pot (leaded 500Kg and lead-free 500Kg with 2 chambers)
Mirtec MV7 Omni 3D imaging and control machine
In addition, the following devices are available for testing:

Tekronics PA1000 Power Analyzer
Instek LCR-821 Lcr meter
INSTEK 3303 3A / 62V current-voltage regulated power supply
Working environment:

ESD protected floor coating (copper grounded)
Exahust&Ventilation for Reflow and Solder Pot Systems
3 pcs 40-bt BTU hot-cold air conditioners for controlling the ambient temperature