Lightweight Steel Mass Housing

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Mass housing project, which was carried out in Caracas the capital of Venezuela from South American countries, consists of a total of 48 blocks four-storey and 2 social facility buildings. A total of 768-housing project, which includes 2+1 and 3+1 apartment types, forms the third phase of urban renewal plan. The construction area of the project is a total of 54 thousand 230 square meters.

The project was builded with lightweight steel system.Lightweight steel construction system provides great advantages in the construction of new living spaces.

Vekon galvanized lightweight steel construction system has high construction speed incomparably degree with classical systems. Pre-engineering allows to be managed of the process up to construction site much better quality and faster. Vekon, in its production facilities that equips with the latest technology, produces lightweight steel construction systems in a very short of time, dispatches it to the construction site field and provides great saving on time. Preabricated building system precludes greatly of mismatches and defects in the application area and accelerates the installation of lightweight steel constructions. Lightweight steel construction system is a huge advantage especially in areas where the construction season is very short. To be very short of construction time reduces the cost of total investment by eliminating also unnecessary labor and construction site costs.

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