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M544 Plus Excavator

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Errorless welding engineering with 3D robot welding.

Heavy duty solid chassis processed with unrivaled 3D Robot Welding technique.

Fully closed spraying booth; longer than a football field, free from external factors and can handle all parts, chassis included.

Muffler volume 14.5 liters. Reinforced exible exhaust, chassis mounted venturi system exit pipe free from muffler. Hassle-free operation up to 600C temperature thanks to heat evacuation of new venturi system.

Automobile type jacked system cable layer immune to water and dust with German quality norms.

New M542 Plus and M544 Plus series are aimed to be productive. Motor has long durability thanks to its high-quality components.

Operator Cab offers maximum safety and passed ROPS and FOPS international standard tests. Ergonomic joysticks and fine-tuned control panel is under command of the operator.