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MDF is a product comprised of wood fibres or other lignocellulosic raw materials mixed with synthetic adhesive and dried to a certain degree of humidity. The resulting paste is pressed under heat and pressure into boards. The uniform distribution and density of fibres at each point in the MDF boards enables this material to be machined on both sides as well as the edges or without creating gaps between the particles. Thus, MDF is highly suited for the production of table tops, door panels, and chamfered or profiled drawer fronts. The surface of MDF boards can also be covered with any kind of laminate, melamine-impregnated paper, foil or wood veneer. The edges of MDF are very uniform and dense, allowing for tongue and grooves without the need for timber laths as well as any kind of profiles. Other superior features of MDF are its flexural resistance, elasticity as well as high holding strength for screws and nails. The main features of "Çamsan Ordu MDF" are the ease of machining, its near-perfect stability, invariability of dimensions and availability in standard dimensions. Furthermore, both surfaces are sanded and gauged; the panels are free of defects such as knots, cracks or slivers; every point has the same density; and it is ready to use. Our MDF does not require any preparation before the application of all kinds of lacquer, paint or varnish; it can be faced with materials such as wood veneer, PVC paper and melamine; and it has great holding capacity for screws on both sides as well as the edges of the panels.