Ode Rockflex Hvac Insulation

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ODE Rockflex is an insulation material made of rock wool containing 97% natural fibers and obtained from basalt mineral molten into fibrous form at high temperatures. It is an optimal insulation material for buildings due to its thermal and sound insulation capabilities as well as non-flammability, and installations and industrial applications owing to its broad product range composed of fireproof items at a wide variety of densities and resistant to high temperatures.

Ode Rockflex Prefabricated Rock Wool Pipes have a water vapor diffusion resistance coefficient of µ=6 (uncoated).
Ode Rockflex Prefabricated Rock Wool Pipes are classified in the A1 class non-flammable materials according to the TS EN 13501-1 standard. Aluminum foil coated products are classified in the A2L fire class.
Ode Rockflex Prefabricated Rock Wool Pipes have a resistance temperature of 650°C under 500Pa load and at 1,5% deformation.
Ode Rockflex Prefabricated Rock Wool Pipes have a standard density of 80kg/m³. Custom made products are available for densities in the 65-90-120 kg/m³ range on request for projects.
Ode Rockflex Prefabricated Rock Wool Pipes have a heat transfer coefficient ( ?) of 0,0345 W/mK (at 0°C).
Fields of Application: Heat saving and fire insulation at high temperature industries and installation pipes, and sound and vibration insulation for process equipment.

Procedure: Apply bare or with aluminum foil coating depending on the application area. After coating the bare prefabricated pipes, fasten the joints using screws, rivets, interlocking or bonding. Fasten the aluminum foil with special tape. Used in the insulation of cold pipes, all joints and connections must be sealed using aluminum foil tape for tightness to prevent water vapor transfer.

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