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Paint Filling & Capping Machine

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BDK 5001.1 PAL Code
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BDK X00X.X PAL series machines are automatic filling & capping machines with volumetric systems, very precisely filling paint, construction chemicals and similar products by means of its non-drip special filling head. The machine is equipped with PLC system automation and the cans left sporadically on the conveyor by the operator advance step by step, first going to the filling station. The machine takes the product from the storage tank or level-controlled balance tank mounted on the filling head at set rate and fills the can under the nozzle. The capacity of machine varies depending on the properties of the product to be filled as well as the packaging form. The caps left on the filled packaging on the conveyor are closed manually by the operator or automatically by pushing at the capping station. The machine performance varies depending on the characteristics of the product to be filled. They are very convenient for high performance filling and easy cleaning of the products in the Chemical, Paint, Construction and Textile Chemicals, Printing Ink and similar industrial sectors.