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Permo-Chim Crystal 6025 Single Component Crystallized Waterproofing Mortar - Cement Based Insulation

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It is a single-component, cement-based, crystallized waterproofing mortar. It can be applied on positive and negative sides.

Usage Areas
• Against ground humidity and water leakage in slabs, foundations, retaining and shear walls, and elevator shafts,
• In pools, water tanks, cisterns and basements with rough or plastered concrete,
• On the floors of damp environments such as bathrooms,kitchens, toilets, etc. to prevent water leakage to the storeys
• In balconies for waterproofing concrete planter boxes from outside,
• To waterproof galleries, and drainage and water channels,
• To be spread at intervals during concreting.
• It can be applied onto the side exposed to water (positive water pressure) as well as the opposite side (negative water pressure).
• It can be applied onto damp surfaces.
• It forms a durable coating against negative water pressure.
• While it is waterproof, it provides breathability for the surface.
• It has freeze-thaw cycle resistance.
• With perfect bonding to the structure it is applied, it provides a seamless, durable waterproofing, resistant to abrasion as well as to the formation of tears and holes.
• It is very practical. You simply mix the product with the required amount of water and apply.
• It provides an economical solution.
For brush applications 10 lt, for trowel applications 7 lt of water is added to 25 kg of Permo-Chim Crystal. And mixed with slow speed mixer until homogenous mixture is obtained. This mixture must be
consumed within 20-30 minutes.
Permo-Chim Crystal can be applied in different methods like below;
Liquid: Two coats on moistured surface with help of brush at least intwo coats with a brush, or trowel. Each coat must be applied as theformer coat starts to solidify, and before it dries up.
Plaster: Permo-Chim Crystal is added to a plaster with a thickness of 5-10 mm on old concrete, brick walls and briquettes.
Powder Strewing: On construction joints Permo-Chim Crystal spread as powder form. Applied in powder form areas like raft foundations and below the foundations before pouring the concrete.
On all above conditions surface must be cured with water after the application. Surface must be humid for one week after the application. If ceramic or faience will be applied onto Permo-Chim Crystal, a faience adhesive should be applied directly onto newly applied Permo-Chim Crystal.

Surface Preparation
The application surface must be cured. Surface must be cleaned from dust, rust, oils, bitum, paint, silicon or moulding oils which can effect the adherence in negative way. Loose particals must be removed or repaired with suitable Emülzer Repair or Grout Mortars before the application. Before the application surface must be full filled with appropriate amount of water and must stay dump during the application. Puddles must be cleaned. If there is a leakage in holes it must be repaired with Emülzer Speed-X Powder.
Liquid : Positive water pressure : 1-2 kg/m2 (in two coats)
Negative water pressure: 2 kg/m2 (in two coats)
Plaster : 2-3 kg/m2 (5 mm thick plaster)
Powder : 2 kg/m2
25 kg kraft bag
40 Bags / Pallet

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