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Permo-Chim Duo BMT 6031 - Double-Component Waterproof Coating Mortar - Cement Based Insulation

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It is a double-component, cement-based, acrylic modified, elastic waterproof coating mortar whose liquid component is a pure elastomeric resin emulsion, and powder component is a mixture of hydraulic binder, additive and filler.

Usage Areas
• It is especially used for waterproofing the floors of damp environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, etc. prevent water leakage to the storeys below.
• It is used on surfaces like concrete, screed and plaster.
• It is used in exterior and interior applications.
• It is used in horizontal and vertical ap plications.
• In waterproofing of terrace roofs, it is used as a base coat under the coating or as the top coat.
• It is used for waterproofing planter boxes from inside.
• It provides an economical solution.
• It can applied onto damp surfaces.
• It forms a seamless coating.
• Application can be made with brush, roller, trowel or spray gun.
• It is practical to use. You just mix the powder component with the liquid component and apply.
• It is semi-elastic.
• While it is waterproof, it provides breathability for the surface.
• It protects concrete and plastered surfaces from carbonization and chloride.
• 6 kg of liquid component of Permo-Chim Duo BMT is poured into a clean container and powder component is added; it is mixed with low speed mixer till forming a thick, homogenous consistency. After leaving the product 3-5 minutes, the product will mixed 30 seconds again with low speed mixer and after start the application. In any condition water should not be added to Permo-Chim Duo BMT.
• Permo-Chim Duo BMT is applied at least in two coats with a brush, roller, or trowel.
• Each coat must be applied as the former coat starts to solidify, and before it dries up. If necessary, the floor must be slightly moisturized before the application of the second coat.
• Cracks and vertical/horizontal seams must be reinforced withmaterials such as seam tape, plaster mesh, etc. between the application of two coats.
• Joint Insulation Tape 120/70 must be used at interior edges andvertical/horizontal joints.
• Application onto perlite concrete, gas concrete or any high porosityconcrete requires extra attention; Permo-Chim Duo BK must be applied onto these surfaces after the application of alum or plaster.
• Mechanical strenght gained after 3 days, waterproofing ability starts after 7 days, coating is fully cured after 14 days.
• Must be protected from puncture and impacts before covering thesurface.
• Product must be consumed in 30 minutes after mixing the two components.
• Ceramics and granites are flooring products. They do not havewaterproofing ability. Ceremics crack by itself and accordingly joints between ceremics cracks waterproofing must be made under theflooring products.
• Waterproofed terraces should be opened the foot traffic after coatingthe surface with flooring products.

Surface Preparation
• The application surface must be cured.
• Surface must be cleaned from dust, rust, oils, bitum, paint, silicon or moulding oils which can effect the adherence in negative way.
• Loose particals must be removed or repaired with suitable EmülzerRepair or Grout Mortars before the application.
• Before the application surface must be full filled with appropriate amount of water and must stay dump during the application.

Depending on surface conditions, minimum two coats must be applied.
For each coat 1-1,5 kg/m2.

25 kg kraft bag (powder component) + 6 It plastic drum (liquid component) - 30 Sets / Pallet

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