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Pro 41 Dairy Cattle Feed - Bovine Feeds

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It can be used for lactating cows which are feeding with corn silage, grass silage and ground grains derivatives during all the lactation period.

If you’re newly starting with PRO 41 DAIRY FEED, the cows must be made to get adapted to it slowly in 10 days.

PRO 41 DAIRY FEED must be given in at least 3 – 4 meals daily.
The amount of the PRO 41 DAIRY FEED to be given daily varies according to the amount and quality of other forages and concentrated feed given to the dairy cattle. Therefore it will be useful with respect to your livestock’s health, your efforts and gains, to examine the feeding programs provided in Table 1, prepared by scientific studies.

Corn silage, grass silage and ground grain derivatives are rich in energy, while they are poor in terms of protein, vitamin and minerals. In order to provide for a more balanced nutrition and high performance in enterprises where such feed materials are being used, specially formulated dairy feed are needed. Otherwise serious problems will be encountered such as losses in milk yield and reproductive problems.
PRO 41 DAIRY FEED produced to avoid these problems and for a more balanced nutrition and high performance.