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Pro Calf Starter Feed - Bovine Feeds

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It is used in feeding of 5-60 day calves.

PRO CALF STARTER FEED must be given to calves freely starting from the 5th day after birth without the need for any additional feed.
Calves must be given clear and fresh water as much as they would like to drink starting from their 5th day after birth.
The colostrum to be given to calves must be given in 3 meals, while normal milk or calf food must be given in 2 meals. The amount of milk given to calves must not exceed the amounts given in Table 1. Otherwise, a lower live weight gain increase and a slower forestomach development will be yielded due to a decrease in calves’ interest in dry feed.
When calves become 42 days young they must be given medium or good quality pasture hay or alfalfa hay. Alfalfa which has been harvested at a very early or late season may cause digestive problems and diarrhea. During this period, bad quality forage such as straw must definitely not be used.
The PRO CALF STARTER FEED must be switched to when calves become 60 days young.

PRO CALF STARTER FEED is used in the feeding of 5-60 days young calves.

It is produced of tasty and highly digestive raw materials.
No additional vitamin-mineral supplement is needed.
It provides high live weight increase.
By accelerating forestomach development, it increases the feed efficiency.