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Pro Dry Period - Specialtiy Feed - Bovine Feeds

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It is specially prepared for use in feeding of cows during the dry period.

PRO DRY PERIOD FEED must be given to high yield cows as soon as they’ve started to be fed with beginning dry period until 3 weeks before calving, while it must be given until 2 weeks before calving for low and medium yield cows.

PRO DRY PERIOD FEED must be given in at least two meals.
If you’re newly starting with DRY PERIOD FEED, cows must be made to get adapted it slowly in 10 days.
Unless necessary, don’t use only hay during the dry period as a forage. With respect to the conditions specific to Turkey, the selection of a forage comprised of corn silage
and pasture hay together with DRY PERIOD FEED will be appropriate.
Don’t use more than 1-2 kg/day.