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Pro Lamb Start Feed - Ovine Feeds

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It is used in feeding of 1-7 weeks lambs.


PRO LAMB START FEED must be given to lambs freely starting from the first week after their birth without the need for any additional forage.
Lambs must be provided with clear and fresh water as much as they would like to drink starting from the first week after their birth.
If practical, the amount of milk to be given to lambs must be adjusted to % 9-10 of their live weight. In order to provide for rapid live weight during this period, it is advised that lambs are not given any forage other than milk and starter feed.
When lambs become 7 weeks young, it will be switched to PRO LAMB RISING FEED by weaning.
If you’re newly starting with the PRO LAMB START FEED, lambs must be made to get adapted to it slowly.