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Pro Yearling Fattening Feed - Ovine Feeds

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It provides rapid live weight gain, improves the carcass quality and efficiency.

If you’re newly starting with PRO YEARLING FATTENING FEED, the yearlings must be made to get adapted to it slowly in 10 days.
There is no need to use of ground grain in addition to PRO YEARLING FATTENING FEED.
PRO YEARLING FATTENING FEED can be given for free intake by intensive fattening yearlings (as much as it can take in). A minimum of 300 gr of quality hay must be given daily as forage. Apart from this program, those providing mealed feeding can use the feeding program provided in Table 1.
Water must be provided freely for yearlings. Under circumstances where this is impossible watering must be made in at least 3 meals.

It is forage which may be used for fattening yearlings throughout the fattening period