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Pvc High Gloss Edgebanding

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Glossy panels are the perfect choice for the production of modern looking furniture. To this end, we can supply you the perfect matching with the perfect high gloss effect. With the rare brightness and perfect matching with the chipboard, our customers have always expressed their satisfaction of this product as it makes their furniture stand out from those of competitors.

Cutting MachineThe standard thicknesses of PVC are 0.4mm, 1mm and 2mm. It is, however possible to produce any thickness from 0.3mm to 3mm, if demanded. In our productions, we make jumbo rolls in widths of 420mm. We can slit them to any width that you would prefer till the thickness of 1mm. For thickness above 1mm and other possible thickness or width of your preference, contact us and we will strive to have it for you.

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