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Readout Integrated Circuits (ROICs) ROIC Driver and Digitizer ASIC Products

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MTAS1410X2 / MTAS1410X4 Code

Mikro-Tasarim to support its imaging products. It can be used to derive and interface analog ROIC products. It has on-chip 2/ 4-channel 14-bit ADCs with serialized LVDS digital outputs. This ASIC has also on-chip integrated controller to control all digital ROIC features and provovides interfacing with external flash memory chips.
Key Product Features
For ROIC / Sensor Interfacing and Digitization
14-bit 10 MHz Dual / Quad ADC ASIC
Integrated Bias, Reference, and Timing Generators
Integrated flash memory controller
1 Serial LVDS port per ADC channel

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