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Readout Integrated Circuits (ROICs) ROIC Products 384 x 288-25μm Array Format

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MT3825BA Code

MT3825BA has a format of 384 x 288 and a pixel pitch of 25 μm, developed with a system-on-chip architecture in mind, where all the timing and biasing for this ROIC are generated on-chip without requiring any external inputs. MT3825BA is a highly configurable ROIC, where many of its features can be programmed through a 3-wire serial interface. A unique feature of MT3825BA is the snapshot readout operation; therefore, the image quality will only be limited by the thermal time constant of the detector pixels, but not by the scanning speed of the ROIC.

Key Product Features
Advanced Microbolometer ROIC
384 x 288-25μm Array Format
1, 2, or 4 Analog Outputs with Optional References
Programmable Biasing, Timing, and Windowing
High Speed, Low Power, and Low Noise
Tested ROIC Parts on 200mm CMOS Wafers

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