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Rotary Sealer W/ Printer - Sterilization Equipments

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PMSSteriSeal Rotary Sealers with built-in printer are specially designed to meet the demand of high volume operations in hospitals and medical device industries.

Common sterilization packaging processes require traceability of sealed pouches to ensure patient/medical device safety and control all time. The built-in printer of PMSSteriSeal Rotary Sealers ensures the end-user that all essentials data needed for traceability can be printed on the back side of the pouch.

Each model housing is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which reduces maintenance to a minimum and ensures hygienic use at CSSD’s. The temperature settings are controlled by microprocessors and can be adjusted between 50˚C to 250˚C with a ±1% tolerance.

A hermetically sealing is ensured for a wide variety of materials like sealable pouches and reels according EN 868-5 and ISO 11607-1, Tyvek® 1059B, 1073B and 2FS.

Essential data to be printed on the sterilization packaging, can be easily entered and monitored by the user through the large LCD panel. Seal date, expiry date, operator name/code and lot number details will be printed automatically during the optical sensor controlled feeding.

Solid, durable housing
Constructed from sanded stainles steel for hygenic use
Multi-line seal
Temperature control with microprocessor
Temperature tolerance ±%1
Automatic in-feed with optic sensor
Adjustable temperature from 50°C up to 250°C
LCD display
10m/min sealing speed
Adjustable seal distance
Automatic standby mode
Built-in printer
Seal date, expiry date, lot number and operator code printable
Adjustable font width
Printer can be activated & deactivated
Globally understandable coding. No need for language feature
Batch counter
Clock and calender feature
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