Scap Metal Bale Press - 77/170

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Scrap Metal Bale Presses are preferred by so many companies that carry on a business on the fields like recycling facilities,car manufacturing,scrap processing plants,Rolling facilities and sheet metal processing. In accordance with this information,it produces bales in the form of rectangular prism at high intensity and in the standarts of international scrap industry.
Scrap Metal Bale Presses work with high efficiency with its high resistance steel construction body after it is designed by taking into consideration the problems faced during scrap metal baling processes. There are abrasion resistant plates on the inner surface of the bale press' hearth.It prevented the problem on ejector system of present bale presses with its difference in ejecting process of the bale.
A mechanical lock system is produced to prevent the oscitation of upper cover table due to the pressure of side cylinder which is a serious problem of present scrap metal bale presses.The oscitation of upper cover table due to the pressure of side cylinder is prevented by adding a hydraulic lock system on mechanical lock system. During pressing process,all movements of the machine like pressure,location and speed can be controlled,so it makes the productiveness maximum level.The operator can operate the machine comfortably and can make any changes on it.The capability of continuous working of the machine assures the lastingness of the work.

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