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Single Head Computerized Quilting Machine

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Offers the full benefit of computer numeric control
Simple operation, automatic control .
Heavy duty stitching easily cope with heavy materials
Excellent performance on a very wide range of materials
User friendly programming and diagnostics
Simple pattern selection with clear interactive touch screen
Wide variety of patterns
Exact thread break restart point
Remote connection to fix errors.
***Pattern conversion program from DXF file

Technical Features

Computer System: Industrial PC
Sewing Head: Modified Newlong DD-5
Type of Stitch: Lockstitch
Stitch Lenght:1-7 mm
Speed: Variable up to 1200 stitches per minute
Max quiltable weight: 2000 gr /m²
Servo Motor: Brushless AC Servo Motor
Sewing Area: A- 1900x1900 mm.
Operation Area: 6000x10000 mm.
Air Pressure: 6 Bar
Power: 380 V. 3 Phase or Customer Specification
Weight: 2.078 kg.
***Note :Please consult us for special sizes

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