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Soft Melamine Edgebanding

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Think of an office desk, wouldn't it be nice to have the front part of this table with special radius? So that when leaned, it won't hurt elbow or it will not be damaged. And we have a special product that could be used to cover the radius edge. After CNC or routing, the special melamine edging can be applied. We call it 'soft melamine edgebanding'. And the process is called softforming edging application. The soft melamine edge could be applied with softforming machine or hot air blower.

Soft Melamine Edgebanding

The main difference between the standard edge and soft edge is its flexibility. Melamine edgebanding can be produced in a way that turning soft radius could be possible without cracking. Comparing the straight melamine edging, soft melamine is much more flexible and thus enables the furniture maker to apply to radius shaped edges without cracking at the radius point.

The possible embossing textures for the surface are pearl (orange) effect, wood pore effect, and ash effect.

As other products, a color match is also possible for this product line.

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