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Test Bench - Gravimetric Measuring System

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Measuring System Gravimetric
Usage Areas Optionally, it water meter production companies, water management systems
and controls are suitable for laboratory work.
Water Meter Capacity Optional; It is designed to cover all diameters from DN15 to DN40 or to serve
only the diameters required by the customer.
Water Meter Pcs and
Lengths (max)
DN15 DN20 DN25 DN32 DN40
110/165 mm 110/190 mm 260 mm 260 mm 300 mm
10 Pcs 10 Pcs 3 Pcs 3 Pcs 2 Pcs
These quantities may vary depending on the area of use and the meter capacity.
Flow Range Optionally, it is tested in all flow rates from 0.006 m³ / h to 20 m³ / h.
Operating Pressure Working pressure can be changed according to desired test flow and pressure.
Maximum test pressure is 16 bar.
Scale Capacity Max 300 kg
Measurement Resolutions 2 gr
Reading System In line with customer demand, suitable for optical or visual reading
Measuring Areas The pressure and temperature of the water tested can be measured
mechanically or electronically.