Thermoplastic Conveyor Belt

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It is a belt made of new polymer compositions yielding good results in the areas that general conveyor belt and modular bents cannot be applied as solution. These belts are fabricated as homogenous, with or without fabrics.

Belts without fabric are the solutions in especially food sector that becoming fibrous is a problem. Products transporting on it do not adhere and it is used as biscuit mold belt especially for this feature.

Belts fabricated with fabric are used in the sectors of metal, ceramic and marble successfully.

Specific patterns, profiles and sidewalls are applied on the belt based on the material conveyed. Such belts are fabricated as single-ply and used in the areas that carcass construction should not absorb water and oil successfully.

Adding thermoplastic belts, adhering profile or sidewall on them are very easy. Profile can be designed in desired form and adhered on belts. These belts repaired easily if damaged reduce the cost thanks to long service time.

Belts fabricated for food sector conform to FDA and tests of belts are conducted by accredited institutions.

* Ceramic,
* Metal cutting,
* Magnetic elevator,
* Fruit - vegetable,
* Metal box fabrication,
* Wood,
* Detergent and chemical,
* Salt,
* automotive,
* General packaging

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