Tork Emd Electro Mechanic Earthquake Valve

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Mechanical sensor : Magnetic fields (during an earthquake or any other reason ) won't affect it.
Stainless steel ball and patented design it will work for years.
External sensor in put,when using with a gas alarm it can shut a solenoid valve(12V DC ) off .
Contact output ; It can shut the building electricity or redirect it , activate emergency elevator
rescue system , deactivate the generator or direct it or give contact to any system you want.
LCD display ; easy usage for building manager or authorized person
Waterproof case; long time safety with its %100 waterproof case.
Foolproof; will not fooled with any minor vibrations from trucks, trains,dozers etc.

Operating Voltage(in network) : Input;190/230VAC 50Hz , Output; 13,80VDC±3%
Current Passing in Stand by : 0,03 A
Accumulator capacity : 2x6VDC / 4Ah
Accumulator Feeding Voltage : 11,7VDC - 13,8VDC ± %3
Accumulator Operating Time(in Stand by) : 36 Hours
Svelte Relay Contact Current : 5A (max) ; 240VAC / 28VDC
S.Valve Output Current : 1,6 A
Dry Contact Output Current : 5A (max) ; 240VAC / 28VDC
External Contact Input Current : 5mA (max)
Accumulator Checking Feature : Automatic (with 60 Ma charge in every 100 seconds ) and manual in case of alarm
S.Valve Energizing : Max. 4 seconds
Operating Ambient Temparature : 0 and + 51.5 °C
S.Valve Connection Cable Thickness,distance : Max. 20m (1,5mmx2 TTR cable)
Mounting Position : 0° Horizontal
Earthquake Sensing Position : 360°
Total Height : 180mm
Total Width : 215mm
Total Depth : 165mm
Weight : 6.2 kg

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