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Toros Agri

Toros Agri

İstanbul Turkey
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Toros Agri, a Tekfen Holding Agri-Industry Group company, is the sector’s largest private corporation in terms of business volume, product and service portfolio, and market share.

The foundations of Tekfen Group were laid as three young entrepreneurs, Feyyaz Berker, Nihat Gökyiğit and Necati Akçağlılar united to realize their ideals in 1956. Tekfen Group, as an institution integrated with reliability, honesty and quality, has a reputable place in Turkish business life with its approach seeking perfection in its every area of activity and the ethical values it defends besides its brands and marketing power. Tekfen Group has been involved in numerous successful projects from 1956 to date domestically and abroad, and today operates through 39 companies and 10 subsidiaries, each one well known in its sector.

Founded in 1974, Toros Agri Industry and Trade Co. Inc. comprises of various business segments focusing on agricultural activities. Through mutually supportive investments, the group transforms opportunities into operations that are among the largest in its region. Being one of the largest 60 industrial companies in Turkey, Toros Agri operates in three main areas:

Fertilizer production and marketing, seed production, techno-agriculture, and seedling production,
Terminal services in Ceyhan and Samsun,
Free zone and gas station management.
Toros Agri’s chemical fertilizer production at plants in Ceyhan, Mersin and Samsun forms the core of the company’s agricultural operations. It is Turkey’s fertilizer sector leader with 38% of national installed production capacity. Toros Agri produces Ammonium Nitrate (AN), Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) and compound (NPK) fertilizers and rounds out its portfolio through imports. Alongside conventional fertilizers, Toros Agri's portfolio includes water-soluble specialty fertilizers and trace elements, which means that the company has the capacity to meet a farmer’s entire plant nutrient needs singlehandedly.

Toros Agri sees agricultural development in Turkey as a multidimensional process and, as a matter of policy, the company takes an active role in it. Toros Agri is committed to increasing farmers’ prosperity and to raising productivity and quality to enable agriculture to assume its rightful place in the economy. To this end, Toros Agri not only produces fertilizer, but also offers farmers a range of quality seedlings and seeds.

Hishtil-Toros Seedling (HTF), a specialist nursery, produces seedlings in fullyequipped nurseries in Antalya and Adana. In addition to seedlings, Toros Agri also provides the Turkish farmer with premium quality, high yielding wheat seeds that are ideally suited to Turkish agricultural conditions. The company places great importance on yield-raising technologies and Toros Agri's investments in this area have established it in recent years as the brand that sets sector standards in seed and seedling production.

Terminal services is Toros Agri's largest non-agricultural business. Toros Ceyhan Terminal, one of the most important international ports in the Eastern Mediterranean, was built as part of the Ceyhan Plant in 1981 and later expanded to service to third parties. Meanwhile, the terminal at Samsun Fertilizer plant, which was acquired through privatization in 2005, significantly augments the activities of the group in this area because of the additional capacity it affords and its geographical location. Toros Agri's port management and terminal services also encompasses such services as pilotage, tugboats and shipping agency services.

Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone (TAYSEB) is Turkey’s first and only free zone for heavy-industry investments, such as chemicals, petrochemicals, iron-steel, power plants and cement factories. Starting operations under Toros Agri in 1998, it occupies 5 km of coast line on the İskenderun Gulf in Ceyhan, an emerging energy hub. Encompassing 4.5 million m2, TAYSEB is not only one of Turkey’s largest free zones, but also ranks among the largest in the world.