Ucel Industrial, Conveyor And Storing Systems


Ucel Industrial, Conveyor And Storing Systems

Manufacturer, İzmir / Turkey

Our company founded in Kemalpasa/izmir becomes a partner to find a solution for your project about any kinds of conveying and storing system with its professional technical staffs. According to the projects and the needs we make many kinds of products such as elevator with buckets, chained-conveyor, conveyor with band, inclined-chained conveyor, distributor, electrical-manual covers, truck and transporter lifts, flow pipes, screwed (helix) conveyor, elevator tower, walking band, support tower of walking band etc.

Our products, which are produced by high technological machines such as laser, punch, abkant, lathe, moulder milling, have desing and features minimizing any problems which will be able to appear in the field conditions. According to our customs is demand, dyed or galvanized production is done.

Our company, which was firstly founded as a solution for flor, feed, oil, animal breeding administratings and grains commerce companies ,has given opportunities to the systems to work for long time without any problems while redesigning the equipments such as elevator with buckets, helix conveyor, conveyor band etc. used for carrying coal, coal dust and iron dust in steel plants under the heavy working conditions.

Also, the silos of UCEL brand we use for the Project that the key is delivered are compeletly native products.

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